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How to Make money By Android Apps

How to Make money By Android Apps

How to Make money By Android Apps

How to Make money By Android AppsAndroid Earning? is it impossible? yeah man its possible,but how? recently there was so many Android app in playstore But some app are fake,When people work hard and achieved their reward dollar etc but some company doesnt pay your money. But time to leave this fake universe i mean this fake app universe.

Today I am coming With some trustfull and easy earnings app yes i am already teseted this all app and intruduced the Internet world.So see the app review


CashPoint is a fun new app from the Play Store that offers coins in exchange for downloading free games and apps to your device, while you can also earn money by referring your friends and family.

You can then exchange coins that you earn for PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Since the app is new and has received good feedback from users, expect this app to be one of the contenders for app of the year in 2017!

2/Quick Cash

Quick Cash is another fun app that is well worth downloading to your device. The way it works is that you get paid to promote third party apps to your friends and family and get paid when people download the apps that you promote.

This is a different app when compared to most other apps that pay you. The earnings from this app is considerably low, unless you have a large social network of friends. However it is a good app if you use it along side your other make money apps.

The app has a small cash out threshold of just $1 which you can get your reward via Paypal.

3/Watch Earn

Watch & Earn is a fun app that will pay you money to watch videos, app trailers and lets you earn cash to download free apps.

The app uses coins to pay you for completing fun tasks which you can then exchange them for rewards including PayPal, Google Play vouchers and Amazon gift cards. One of the surprises of this app is that it offers shopping vouchers and movie vouchers while you can also get entered into a draw to win a large number of coins.

4/Google Opinions

Google Opinions is a survey app for USA Android users. You receive surveys on a fairly regular basis, however you only get paid via Google Play Store credit. There are no other payment methods.

Google Opinions is a great app if you are a fan of downloading and purchasing paid apps and games. If you answer a number of surveys you will therefore be able to purchase paid apps and games for free.


Having been downloaded over 450,000 times, mCent is one of the most sought after make money apps. You get paid to simply download free apps and games while there are also generous referral rewards when your friend signs up using your referral code.

If you love getting paid to do fun stuff you should also check out QuickRewards

mCent makes it into the Moneyjojo top 4 apps for making money in 2016 and is likely to remain near the top for years to come.


CashPirate was number 2 last year for the Moneyjojo.com round up of the best paying apps. This year CashPirate goes one better, in at the top at number one. The reason being for the number one spot is simple, you can generate a good extra income using this app and even earn while you sleep. The reason for this is the CashPirate referral program.

While CashPirate offers a wide selection of fun activities to make money while passing the time, the referral program is the big money spinner for users. When you refer a friend, you get 10% of their earnings while you earn another 5% of your referrals’ referrals. This in turn makes CashPirate the best app to make money from your smartphone.

Users can also make money by downloading free apps and games, answering surveys and watching videos. The rewards are paid via PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and mobile recharge

7/cash now

Start earning cash by using your smartphone today by going to the Play Store or the App Store and downloading these great money making apps. Are there any other great apps you know of? If you leave a comment below this post.

Want to save this article for later and receive extra bonus content on great money making apps? Well, click below to get a free PDF guide to making money from apps that earn you cash.


Whaff is money making application and Whaff Rewards is a promotion application, where producer or programmer paid for the Whaff users who download their applications through whaff. There a lot of tasks that can be done by all whaff user and whaff will give rewards to their user who has done the task. There are a lot of make money apps for an android device or even iPhone, but for me, Whaff Rewards is one of the best money making apps for Android.


At the last moment i am talk you have to use this app if u want to earn money by online.And dont worry about payment its 100% sure to the payment.if u faced any problem just comment here. our team help You.

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