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BattleField 1 Full Game Review

Battlefield 1 Battlefield 1 proves that sometimes you have to step backward to move something forward. Since 2010, EA and Battlefield developer DICE have seemed determined to take their multiplayer-driven large-scale shooter in the direction of its competitors. With Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the series embraced the progression and unlock system of more popular games. With Battlefield 3 and 4, the series structure resembled the systems and goals of its rival more and more, even as it tried to find the thing that would set it apart. As the console…

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fifa 17 pc games Review 

Fifa 17 | Pc game play story

Fifa 17 Pc Game Story What do you give the sports simulation that has everything? In Fifa 17’s case, the answer is a 15-20 hour, Mass Effect-inspired story mode called The Journey. Charting the rise of 17-year-old prospect Alex Hunter, it takes you through the first year of a Premier League career, including weekly training and a full slate of fixtures, and is far more enjoyable than it has any right to be. Select Manchester United and you compete with Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a first-team spot. Choose Swansea and you…

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pc games sonf of the deep pc games Review 


Pc games Song Of The Deep Review Melody of the Deep is frequenting like the fathomless, briny profundities it takes motivation from. You’ll at first have a whale of a period bouncing about in the undersea wonderland, splashing up the land and/or water capable feel. Be that as it may, as you investigate the sea, winnowing marine existence with torpedoes and explaining the periodic riddle, you’ll locate the complex domain strangely deprived of substance. This is diluted enterprise, with a plot loaded with openings. Could water even have openings? Is…

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