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Samsung s8 Technology Uncategorized 

Samsung really wants you to believe the Galaxy S8 won’t explode

Galaxy S8 won’t explode Samsung can’t get the world to forget about the explosive nature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so instead it seems to be putting a lot of effort into convincing people that the Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have the same defects, or any defects at all, and it’s doing this in part with a video. Dubbed “Quality Assurance: Extensive Tests”, a new one-minute video made by Samsung shows a Galaxy S7 Edge being put through a barrage of tests, including being dropped, bent, drenched in water…

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Download Gbwhatsapp apk 2016 Android tips Uncategorized 

Download Gbwhatsapp apk 2016

Download Gbwhatsapp apk 2016 Whatsapp is the one of most well known correspondence application. It remains in the rundown best informing application for android, iOS furthermore for Blackberry mobiles. The Whatsapp dispatcher was discharged to the general population in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who was the representatives of Yahoo. Presently Whatsapp is possessed by Facebook. With more than 400 billion clients whatsapp gets to be one of best portable correspondence application. Whatsapp gives numerous components however it needs one element that you can utilize one and only…

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Cyber link power director Featured Uncategorized 

Cyber link Power Director | Android Video Editor Apps Review

Cyber link Power Director Power Director Is a great android Video Editing Softwaremartphones have seemingly made point-and-shoot cameras extinct, due to the vast improvements that have closed the gap between their performances. Even more impressive, today’s modern smartphones are increasingly becoming just as good at recording videos, as many of them are riddled with rich features, 4K capture, and manual modes that deliver depth that we haven’t seen before. While the process of shooting video on a smartphone isn’t a problem for the majority of high-end phones on the market,…

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Google allo review Uncategorized 

Google Allo Review

Google Allo Review- Google Allo is new Chat application for Android and iPhone. It has the Google Assistant implicit and it’s taking off today. I’ve been utilizing it for a couple days now, and it’s fine. Absolutely, totally fine. It does the things you anticipate from an informing application: sends pictures, gives you a chance to share fun stickers, works for gathering visits, etc. In the event that for reasons unknown you detest the dozen or so generally utilized talk applications out there today, perhaps Allo will speak to you…

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How to Download Youtube video by 2 method

How to Download Youtube video hello!! i am ahd riad. i am the lazyist person of the world ? but today i am write about how to download youtube video by 2 simple process youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine of the world. every day millions of peopole upload video in youtube.most favorite uploaded video as like entertainment,funny,seo,blog,tech,promo,tutorial etc type. i should give a example i need a tutorial about “how to optimize wordpress site” when i am search it youtube show me many kind of result the…

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Best Ways to Improve Your Battery Life While Playing Pokemon Go on Android

Pokemon go Pokemon GO is a phenomenon that has lured hordes of players out of their houses to capture, battle and train the cartoon characters in real-world environments. This app uses your phone’s GPS to detect where your location in the game, allowing you to catch Pokemon through your phone’s screen, which appears around you in the real world. Since it requires you to always have the screen on, along with the GPS tracking and data enabled, it ends up being a huge drain on your battery. Niantic Developers is…

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Hitman GO Review: The Most Satisfyingly Violent Board Game You’ll Ever Play

Hitman GO Review: The Hitman recreations have been a staple of third-individual stealth activity for a considerable length of time. Despite everything I played the first on PC numerous moons back and being totally stunned at the conscientious gameplay – you needed to really shroud oblivious bodies to abstain from raising the alert and camouflages just worked so well. Gaming overall has progressed significantly from that point forward, however Hitman GO is an endeavor to distil that stealthy battle experience into a spotless and simple to play bundle for cell…

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How to Transfer Pokemon Go Account Uncategorized 

How to Transfer Pokemon Go Account

Pokemon go is world most famous game.Every gamer like this game mostly.pokemon go is the mirror of pokemon walk an area and cought pokemon.recently this game relase some country like new york,australia asia this game wont relase ?? but no tention after some time the game reales world wide.pokemon go needs gps connection coz gps connection works to move the game boy/girl,when you walk away the game boy/girl should ne walk, my experince this is the best game ever i am seen. Today i am telling about changing…

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Easily setup your Own Personal Cloud Storage Computer tips Uncategorized 

Easily setup your Own Personal Cloud Storage

Easily setup your Own Personal Cloud Storage hlw visitor today I am present a articale about cloud storege.this tool is very common of pc user. For those people who don’t believe their information in the cloud, the best stockpiling arrangement is generally neighborhood, which means either an outside hard drive or a PC. Easily setup your Own Personal Cloud Storage The favorable position to this arrangement is that you don’t need to pay any cash to store your information (other than obtaining the drives) and you don’t need to stress…

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The new laptop / PC to take? Which would you, 3-bit or 64-bit?

Over time, technology is advancing day by day. The 3-bit to 64-bit processor performance is increasing use of PCs is growing. First, a little question?   Remember, it takes two days to do a 3 person. 64 people, then how long will it take? 3-bit x86 and 64-bit, why is the name of the x64?   Intel’s first successful 8086,80286,80386 1979 (16-bit) architecture is based on the 3-bit x86 is called. Although the architecture of the current Core i7-5960X 3 bits of the old 8086ra. 64-bit concept was first started…

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