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The new laptop / PC to take? Which would you, 3-bit or 64-bit?

Over time, technology is advancing day by day. The 3-bit to 64-bit processor performance is increasing use of PCs is growing.

First, a little question?


Remember, it takes two days to do a 3 person. 64 people, then how long will it take?

3-bit x86 and 64-bit, why is the name of the x64?


Intel’s first successful 8086,80286,80386 1979 (16-bit) architecture is based on the 3-bit x86 is called. Although the architecture of the current Core i7-5960X 3 bits of the old 8086ra.

64-bit concept was first started in 1964 to IBM 7030 Stretch supercomputer. But since the 000 was introduced in 64-bit personal or home for Eugen. The Intel 64 / AMD64 64-bit suit is called.


How much memory does elokyasona Who?

3-bit Windows 64-bit Windows memory

16 terabytes of virtual memory to 4 GB

Page 56 terabytes to 16 terabytes of files

Haiparaspesa 8GB 4 MB

Pages pool 128 MB 470 GB

56 MB of non-page pool 128 GB

System cache 1 GB 1 terabyte

128 GB, 660 MB of system PTEcomputer tips

To compress a file of RAR result:

computar tips

I certainly understand, why so many 64-bit stronger?


Software Limitations


3-bit PC, you can use a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. But you can use more than 4 GB The rest is just simply be left to be used. The 3-bit processor, 4 GB Can not use more RAM.

Pyaralijama a PC for processes 3 bits can open multiple browser tabs 35 or 30 high resolution images simultaneously be able to open for editing. 4 giba. 3. You can install the maximum GB RAM RAM can be used.

But the 64-bit (for example, Windows 8) to your PC, the minimum 4giba RAM and a maximum of 8 terabytes of RAM and 128 terabytes of RAM in the server can use.

64-bit PC are two common installation folder Program Files (x86) on 3-bit Program Files 64-bit software is installed.


Windows XP 64-bit Microsoft Windows released. Now the 64-bit version of Windows, as well as get all the 3 bits. XP ‘s first 3 bits, all the windows were covered. The real advantage of 64-bit Windows without Microsoft’s digital sign it does not work properly, which means if you have enough RAM, the software will not crash. It can be a little bit of security. 005 starting Karnel Patch Protection (KPP), a special kernel patch Guard will feature 64-bit Windows.

In the 64-bit 64-bit driver for driver software must be installed, otherwise the hardware may not work.

Internal Systems (3264) Connection


Basically, there are three parts to a computer connected to each other works. Processor (hardware), operating systems and software. Items connected hardware (processor, RAM, laptop …) and manage all of the software that we use for work or to contact the interplay between the main task is performed by the operating system.

So to run 64-bit software on 64-bit operating system and 64-bit processor would. The 3-bit software on 64-bit PC runs comfortably. 64-bit, 16-bit programs will not run on your PC.

computar tips

Understand how your current PC 3 or 64-bit?

Start & gt; Computers & gt; Go to Properties, the system type, you will see how many bits your PC. x86 = 32bit, x64 = 64bit.

computer tips

Open a command prompt or the Run menu, type cmd enter systeminfo.

computer tips

The new purchase? Which would you, 3-bit or 64-bit?

You can not use the 3-bit or 64-bit to use it depends on your type of work. If you work in a small general user, this means 3-bit PC is enough for you. If you make a 64-bit PC gamer, there is no alternative. He also worked in 3D rendering, VFX design or WQHD, qHD, 4K / UDH video carefully if you want to enjoy the 64-bit PC is not an option.

computer tips

Adobe graphics software, CAD software, there are also a lot of runs to 4 GB RAM on 64-bit PC will need to look for them. Creation Index 64-bit database operations there is no alternative to good results. And now, many smartphones are available in 64-bit.

In addition, like most of multitasking for 64-bit PCs. The software can run more than one at the same time with each other and can easily switching.

So if you have a 64-bit processor, the Intel Core 2 Duo or better is high right now, then do not waste time to install 64-bit operating systems. Performance Information and Tools Control Panel, be sure to take a look at your processor a bit.

Of course if you want to buy the new 64-bit PC buying, because prices do not differ much.


Update: 64-bit 3-bit software runs on your PC if you do not?

Normally install and run 64-bit software on the PC is 3 bits. If there is ever a problem or do not install the software on your own website to find the 64-bit version 64-bit PC. If you do not like the image below, and 64-bit software settings and install aramache …

computar tips



The first answer to the question – will take 1 day.


All the information on the Windows-based, depending on the operating system could be the difference.



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