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Top 6 best Xposed modules for Lollipop & Marshmallow

How to install Xposed framework

Friends Xposed framework is a sensitive App Who customize your Phone. I seen that Some lollipop and Mars mellow user complaint About that xposed doesn’t install those device.Xda team already solved this problem long time ago.Xda developed latest Version Of xposed App Just download the App below. if u don’t have custom recovery? don’t worry you can install the zip Without custom recovery.
xposed framework

Download:-Xposed installer 3.1.1 apk

We’ve already covered the top 5 manufacturer software features, and the top 5 Android custom ROM features, and that only leaves one more set to cover when it comes to system-level software on your device – Xposed Framework. For those of you who are unfamiliar, when someone talks about the potential unlocked when you root your Android device, they are essentially talking about Xposed Framework. A rooted Android device is required, but after that Xposed Framework will allow you to do almost anything you want. Because Xposed Framework is so powerful, we’ve had to turn this list up to 11. The real beauty of Xposed Framework is that it can often give you features that you would find in a custom ROM, but on any device you want (with a few compatibility issues here and there). So, if you like Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense, or just plain stock Android, but you don’t want to deal with flashing a custom ROM, Xposed Framework is the way to go. It is especially nice on devices that don’t have that much support from the custom ROM community, because all you really need is root.

At the end of the day, if you are an Android power user (or want to be), rooting your device and installing Xposed Framework should be your first two steps on any device. Once you’ve done that, it’s all about installing various modules (many of which lead double lives as apps found in the Play Store) which enable various tweaks and features for your device. Anyway, on to the list!

Top 6 Android Xposed Framework modules

1. XHaloFloatingWindow

This is basically a port of the Paranoid Android Halo mode that we had on our top 5 custom ROM features list. It allows you to have certain apps open as a floating window above whatever you are doing. As mentioned before, this feature works the best with messaging apps, so you can take care of an incoming message without leaving the app you’re in.

There is also a FloatingNotification Xposed module if you want to complete the Paranoid Android effect, and have your notifications float in from the top of the screen. Frankly, we’d suggest not bothering with that, because it can get annoying when a notification is blocking you from getting at the system bar.

One compatibility note here: this feature does not work with OmniROM or any custom ROM that uses the OmniROM multi-window feature; and, there are some known issues with any Samsung TouchWiz ROM.

Download:- XHaloFloatingWindow


2. XPrivacy

Sticking with the protection theme is XPrivacy, which is the module you want if you are worried about apps leaking sensitive information from your device. The idea here isn’t quite as simple and elegant as the Privacy Guard feature on CyanogenMod, but it may be more powerful. XPrivacy allows you to go through the apps on your device and choose what information they can get. So, if you don’t want an app to have access to your calendar, call log, keyboard dictionary, or anything else, XPrivacy will send that app either no data or completely fake data. It’s your choice.




3.Gravity box

GravityBox is undoubtedly the most popular Xposed framework out there, and looking at the sheer number of customisation options it offers, it rightly deserves all the limelight. The module makes it possible to customise nearly every aspect of the OS according to the liking of the user. Some of the features present in the framework include Pie controls from CyanogenMod, Expanded desktop, Quick Settings customisation, lock screen tweaks, Google launcher tweaks and more.Since GravityBox allows for such a high level of customisation, it only works with AOSP or near AOSP based ROMs.


Download:Gravity box [lollipop]

Download:-gravity box [marsmellow]


The XMultiWindow module is convenient for multitasking with a large screen. It allows you to make use of a multiwindow-style layout as can be found on Samsung phablets (among other devices).

You can work with multiple applications simultaneously with apps organized in windows at the top and bottom (or left and right) of the screen. To get the best out of this module, you should probably be using a device with a 5-inch screen or larger but I’m guessing you probably own such a handset.



5.Android N-ify

And so we come to the reason you installed Xposed Framework: N-ify. Android N-ify is experimental. Android N-ify has its problems. Android N-ify will also add to your device features from the upcoming Android N before they are available to anybody else.

So far we have only a couple of features to play with: double tap the recent apps to jump to your last used app (an excellent feature which should already be standard), and also small descriptions for some items in the settings menu (another lovely feature). Install the module and support this project, please.


Download:-android n ify

6.LockScreen Mods

LockScreen Mods is a simple and effective lockscreen shortcut creator. There are six slots in which you can assign apps to be quickly launched without unlocking your device.

It looks good, it’s useful and it works; LockScreen Mods is a classic example of how Xposed Framework can provide worthy improvements to your handset.


Download:-Lock screen mod.apk

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